LinkedIn Profile Photo


Your LinkedIn Profile Photo is one of the most powerful tools for branding you! In one second people will analyse your photo so make sure it give them the right impression about you. Does your LinkedIn Profile Photo portray the right message? Your photo should display your Character to show that you are approachable, professional, friendly, warm, likeable, trustworthy for example.

How powerful is a good LinkedIn Profile Photo?

  • LinkedIn has over 450 million users! That’s a lot of connections you can make!
  • Type in your name into Google and see where it rates, it is usually in the top 3 of the page!
  • A good profile picture can be your first point of contact with potential Clients and Employers, Business to Business partners and referral networking.
  • It can also get you that job, Client or Business that you are after.

Why a Professional LinkedIn Profile Photo is important to have.

  • Firstly it looks Professional! It is a much more quality photo, it is in focus, sharp and has high resolution.
  • A Professional photographer can guide you how to pose correctly.
  • The image is hand touched and the image is suitable for web and print use.
  • It gives an immediate good impression.

If you want to get a new job, have more Clients, Network with more people and market yourself then get rid of the old phone selfie profile photo and have a Professional LinkedIn Profile Photo done.

At Capture Headshots and Photographywe will guide you to get the best from your LinkedIn Profile Photo session. Our LinkedIn Photo sessions are very affordable and we have packages that