How to Prepare for your Photoshoot


One of our most common question here at Capture is ‘How do I prepare for my photoshoot’. Let’s face it we are not all born designers or models. Whether you are having a Family portrait, Headshot, Formal Photos or whatever your photography session is, here are a few suggestions to help you prepare:

• Firstly whatever you decide make sure you feel comfortable in what you have chosen.
• Solid colours look the best, look at colour palettes for ideas in what can match and suit.
• Make sure that it is ironed – yes creases show up in photos.
• Check for any fluff, loose strains or if anything is ‘see through’ such as bras, singlets showing or tattoos if you want to hide.
• Avoid – loud or fluorescent colours, logos, busy patterns, glittery materials as these can all bounce reflection onto your face or into the camera.
• If in groups look at ‘complementary colours’ instead of ‘matching’ as it can look cliché. Dressing in similar style is recommended.
• Think about what you want to portray if you are after a Corporate Photo then dress in suitable attire for your message such as a suit.
• If you are conscience of your arms, cover them up. We want you to feel comfortable in yourself.


• Hair – do you need to colour your hair, have a haircut, shave, beard trim, wax those eyebrows? Photos show up with any fly aways so feel free to straighten your hair and use product to keep it at bay.
• Skin – is it flaky, dry, red and does it need to be moisturized? Check for any red spots, open pores and use a primer or concealer to help smooth out your skin.
• Make up – Don’t ‘cake’ on the makeup, try to apply it in natural light, matte colours look the best. Apply makeup that doesn’t have sunscreen or shimmer as it reflects light and can affect the exposure.
• Eyes – These are the focal point so if they have road maps use eye drops, highlight your eyes with mascara, matte colours, eye liner and fill in with pencil any hairs missing on the eyebrows.
• Nails – Do they need to be manicured or painted?
• Bring along your make up to ‘touch up’ through the shoot, something to blot your face can also help in between shots.


• Welcome to bring along or wear/change into any accessories such as scarfs, hats, jewellery.

Lastly bring along your smile, at Capture Headshots and Photography we want you to feel relaxed and enjoy your photo shoot.